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Camp O'Connell: Grizzlies week-long training in over 105 heat!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Week June 19th - The California Grizzlies attended the annual week-long training with Coach Jim O'Connell at the Coalinga Rifle Club in daily heat of over 105 degrees fahrenheit. Getting up at 5am, Coach O'Connell spends the early morning into afternoon running the Juniors through rigorous daily shooting practices. Afterward, the juniors spent time on this year's special project under the direction of John-Alistair George renovating the male and female bathrooms with new paint and vanities. The Juniors camp on the premise and prepare their meals including a daily team dinner. If not practicing, working on the project or cleaning their rifles, they have a few minutes of free time to compete playing their favorite pastime - corn hole.

Bathroom renovations which includes installing new vanities, sinks and mirrors!

Thank you Coach O'Connell for running the annual Junior training program!

Additional thank you to John-Alistair George in a Team Management capacity, Steve Grove for practice rattle battle loading, and Angela Kingshill for managing food and meal prep. Thank you to the Coalinga Rifle Club for hosting us on your facilities!



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