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California Service Rifle State Championship recently occurred on April 2nd

Marylee George

April 8, 2022 at 7:00:00 PM

Day 1 Overall, the top junior is Keviner Kingshill is the George, and Ambtop female.

April 02, 2022 | Coalinga Rifle Club

11 Grizzlies Juniors competed in the State Championship, with 45 competing amongst both Juniors, a few past Grizzlies, and adults. Two new Grizzlies, Andrew Brital and Brady Alford, emerged to compete in their first state match. Additionally, Coach Lane Ichord was present out on the firing line for his first year as coach for the Grizzlies. He was once on the team as a junior prior to joining the Army Marksmanship Unit. We are thrilled to have Coach Lane on the team along with this year's 13 Juniors.

After the match day, the Grizzlies were able to try out some sample rattle battle ammo Steve Grove had made for a test run. He has volunteered to make all the practice and competition rattle battle ammo, which will roughly be 5000 hand-made rounds. Thank you, Steve, for volunteering to take on this effort!

Congratulations to the following Junior accomplishments:

  • Kevin George - overall top junior with a total of 779-18x; 1st place for the Master Category

  • Amber Kingshill - overall top female with a total of 771-20x

  • Koa Van Hoven - in High Master category - Offhand - 3rd place, Rapid Prone - 2nd place

  • Zack McLain - in Master category - Slow Prone - 4th place; 3rd place for the Master Category

  • Sondra Calderon - in Sharpshooter category - Rapid Sitting - 1st place; 2nd place overall for Sharpshooter category

  • Jennifer Bukchin - in Sharpshooter category - Rapid sitting - 2nd place

  • Bo Kingshill - in Sharpshooter category - Rapid prone - 2nd place

  • Brady Alford - in Sharpshooter category - Offhand - 2nd place

Congrats to Bob Gill for overall Match Winner 782 - 26X, Jim O'Connell for Grand Senior 770-16X and Grizzlies new President, John-Alistair George ranking 1st place for Sharpshooter category!

Thank you to the those who provided donations to the Grizzlies team and/or purchased a Raffle Ticket from a Junior! This year we will send 12 Juniors to Nationals at Camp Perry so any donations will help to fund this team.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming California High-power Rifle Championship on April 30 - May 1!

Grizzlies will be responsible for catering the upcoming State Championship. Also, Grizzlies will be there selling raffle tickets for the grand prize value about $2300.

California Service Rifle State Championship recently occurred on April 2nd
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