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Ca State High Power Rifle Championship (100 yard) & Dean Alley Trophy at Motherlode

Marylee George

July 2, 2022 at 7:00:00 PM

Two-day competition (Club Match and State Championship) determines the Dean Alley Memorial Trophy Winner.

The 2022 Dean Alley Memorial Trophy winner is Koa Van Hoven, with a 2-day shooting aggregate of 987-37X. This is Koa's consecutive second win, also winning this weekend's event from last year. Dean Alley, deceased and local to Tuolumne County, created the reduced-distance rifle targets. This competition was created at the Motherlode Rifle Club by Robert Taylor in Dean Alley's memory in 2007.

The California State High Power Rifle Championship Winner is Amber Kingshill, with a score of 496-29X!

July 2

High Master - Loet Van Hoven

Master - Simone George

Expert - Logan Gould

Sharpshooter - Scott Nye

July 3

High Woman - Amber Kingshill

High Junior - Koa Van Hoven

High Master - Joel Sylvia

High Senior - Vince Van Hoven

Master - Gordon Taras

Expert - Logan Gould

Sharpshooter - Andrew Brital

July 03, 2022 | Annual Grizzlies Fundraiser & BBQ

Annually the Grizzlies hosts a BBQ to celebrate the July 4th holiday together and as part of that has a couple of different raffles. Each year the Juniors are required to sell as many raffle tickets at $10/ticket for the "Grand Prize" raffle. The Junior who sells the most Grand Prize Raffle will win a prize and this year Alec Brital sold the most raffle tickets and won 8lbs. Varget powder!

In addition to the "Grand Prize" raffle winner (who does not need to be present), locally there are other items auctioned off. Thank you to the community and sponsors for contributing into this. As part of the items raffled or auctioned off there were a few rare and exceptional pieces: a custom wood corn hole made by Robert Taylor, a USA Olympic hat signed by Tokyo Olympian and prior Grizzly - Sagen Maddelena, and two custom knives made by Bill Perry. Some of our sponsors donated a few incredible products for raffle/auction: Hodgdon Powder Certificate (valued at $300), Creedmoor AR 15 Carrying Case , First Tactical Day Pack, and Marin Firearms Stoeger name a few.

Lastly, the day consisted of good eats. Thanks to the families for bringing lots of food to share and consume!

Thank you to everyone who joined the team for the weekend and for participation in the raffles and auction. I know some of the community would have liked to have joined, but unable too. We missed you.

Mark your calendars to hold next year (2023) July 4th's holiday weekend with the Grizzlies and families!

Ca State High Power Rifle Championship (100 yard) & Dean Alley Trophy at Motherlode
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