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CA Grizzlies Performance at the National Matches in 2021 Captured in CMP's Article


August 25, 2021 at 7:00:00 AM

To read full article, click HERE.

Excerpts from the article have been pulled directly from the CMP article.

Excerpt about Coach Lane: "The team of Sergeant 1stClass Brandon Green, Staff Sgt. David Bahten, Sgt. Kade Jackovich, Sgt. Jared Desrosiers, Sgt. Brandon Muske and Sgt. Lane Ichord compiled the record score of 2971-155X in the event."

"The Army Marksmanship Unit set a new record in the National Trophy Team Match and also overtook the Rattle Battle (NTIT)."

"Green, Bahten, Ichord and Jackovich also joined teammates Staff Sgt. Verne Conant and Staff Sgt. Jarrod Mcgaffic in the National Trophy Infantry Team (NTIT) Match to record a score of 1431 for the overall win."

Excerpt about the California Grizzlies:

"The duo of Dustin Carr and Amber Kingshill, a.k.a. CA Grizzlies Team Leupold, made marks, too, as they fired a new National Trophy Junior Team record score of 992-49X. The pair crushed the previous record of 979-39X, set by fellow Grizzlies back in 2016."

Amber Kingshill (seen here with her brother, Bo), was the high individual of the Junior Team event.

"Kingshill not only led the team but was also the highest scoring junior individual of the match, recording 498-29X on her own.

Carr and Kingshill teamed up with other Grizzlies Zack McLain, Simone George, Andrew Van Hoven and Anton Van Hoven to add yet another national record to the junior club’s legacy. Team O’Connell, as they were called, fired a score of 1329 in the NTIT to net fifth overall and a new national record for the Magnificent Seven Junior Infantry Team Trophy.

Anton Van Hoven, McLain, Kevin George, Kingshill, Carr and Simone George (Team Hollis) combined forces to also reach a new national record as the High Junior team in the NTT, earning a score of 2940-92X and the Minuteman Trophy."

The California Grizzlies set a new national record as the High Junior team in the NTT.

"Grizzlies coach Robert Taylor talked about the talent of the experienced members on his team as well as Simone George, 16, who is a fresh face on the California Grizzlies and has shown great talent while having only been involved for about seven months.

“She’s a natural. She just picked it right up,” he said.

He admits the group of young athletes on the team come in each year looking to beat previous records on their roads to success.

“That’s their goal – for perfection,” he said. “Winning is contagious. The more you win, the more contagious it is, and the more the next generation of kids want to come in and show how they’re going to put their mark.”

“They’re amazing,” he added."

Robert Taylor will step down as Grizzlies head coach after more than 20 years.

"Taylor has been coaching the long line of gifted Grizzlies for 21 years but recently announced at the National Matches that 2021 will be his final leading the team.

“It’s time for new blood,” he said with a grin."

CA Grizzlies Performance at the National Matches in 2021 Captured in CMP's Article
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