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April 2023 Coalinga Service Rifle Championship

Marylee George

April 23, 2023 at 7:00:00 PM

Held April 1st & 2nd, 2023 at Coalinga

Over 40 competitors participated in this past weekend's State Championship for the service rifle. This included nine current Grizzlies, of which 3 are new team members, along with 3 Grizzlies alumni. A few highlights of the Grizzlies include Brady Alford placing first for both days in the Sharpshooter classification. Day 1: Bo Kingshill was placed second in the Expert classification. Day 2: Alec Brital placed second for the Expert classification. Hailey placed first with sitting in the Sharpshooter classification. High Junior goes to Bo Kingshill for both days, and High Aggregate First Place for Sharpshooter classification goes to Brady Alford. For the EIC competition, bronze awards go to Brady Alford, Bo Kingshill, Alec Brital, and new Grizzly Wyatt Liu!

The Grizzlies received some key equipment to help support this technical and complex high-precision sport. John-Alistair handed out custom-made cleaning kits along with additional cleaning cases provided by the NRA. Additionally, the team received different equipment necessary for reloading rounds from a generous sponsor.

We are also excited to report that we will have 11 Grizzlies attending Nationals in July. This includes all our four new grizzlies, hometowns from Eureka to Temecula, and places in between.

This is a reminder that our annual raffle ticket sales are underway. Please buy at least 1 ten dollar ticket from a Grizzly to help cover expenses to send the team to Camp Perry, Ohio, for Nationals.

Thanks to all who participated this past weekend! If you haven't, please register for the upcoming State Championship on the first weekend in May.

Grizzlies Alumnus Miles Grove joined this past weekend's match. Congrats on achieving 3rd place in the Master classification aggregate for both days!

April 1, 2023 Match Results 

April 2, 2023 Match Results 

Early Morning Team Squadding.

Early morning safety briefing.

Some of this year's Grizzlies Team (from left to right) are Dylan, Thomas, Andrew, Wyatt, Alec, Hailey, Simone, Alec & Bo. Missing Logan, Kevin, and Jett.

Congratulations to Jim O'Connell, Ashley Parrish, James Fox, Bob Gill & our Grizzly - Bo Kingshill for High Junior.

Congratulations to Jim O'Connell! He continues to prove that this is a lifelong sport in which one can excel.

Grizzlies Team Meeting (below) - led by John-Alistair George & Lane Ichord. It's great to have alumnus Miles Grove present.

Grizzlies Team Meeting (below)

April 2023 Coalinga Service Rifle Championship
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